• 21 APR 20
    We are very aware that patients are conscious of our current workload during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are also very appreciative of all the community support and understanding at this time.
    However we are concerned that unwell patients may be reluctant to contact us out of fear that they are burdening the system.
    It is very important  that we hear from those who need us and who have new or worrying problems.
    If you have acute problems, chronic disease that needs monitoring, essential blood monitoring, antenatal or post natal concerns, immunisations, – we are all here to help.
    We have  changed the way we interact with patients. Most problems are being dealt with by phone or video consultations. If somebody has to attend the practice we are providing care in as safe and clean a setting as possible. We will avoid any unnecessary risk to maximise patient and staff safety at all times.
    We are here to help you at this time,

    From all the staff at Athlone Town Centre Surgery